April 2020

The work from home routine is not a foreign concept to our SimplrFlex Experts; however, to millions of Americans, this is a new reality that requires some major acclimation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping across the nation, the confines of our homes are the new offices, schools, and just about everything else for the foreseeable future. Families across the country are now adjusting to the new normal: sharing workspaces with their spouses and children all day, every day. While these unusual circumstances can create some cute moments, being stuck at home with the whole family during an anything-but-normal workweek can deal a severe blow to your efficiency and focus when working from home. In this post, we will share some advice on how to handle the new dynamics at home. Topics covered include staying focused, creating a plan, staying sane, and controlling your spending. Create a schedule for everyone and stick to it Our routines ruled our daily lives before COVID-19, and they are a necessity for productivity, especially when working around spouses or children that aren't usually there and have daily routines entirely different from your own. Make a plan for your workweek that is flexible, but intentional. Just like working from home in a pandemic-free reality, it's smart to schedule specific work and break periods. Schedules don't need to be tedious or complicated; simply designating time for work and breaks will allow you to focus when needed. Spending your break-time on an activity or chore you enjoy will allow you to maximize your time and encourage productivity once you return to work. Mimicking your pre-quarantine habits will bring you closer to your average level of focus and efficiency. Routines also bring a sense of security to our children's lives, and a personalized daily checklist can make this transition period more natural and structured