May 2019

Let’s face it; the market is flooded with work from home scams. Whether they’re trying to steal your identity, take your hard-earned money, or just get you to do a few hours of work for free, it’s easy to get caught up in a bad situation. Luckily enough, though, it’s just as easy avoiding work from home scams and finding legitimate opportunities. Follow these quick tips to help ensure you’re earning money… not losing it. Too Good to Be True If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trust me… if it was possible to make thousands of dollars per week doing practically no work, everyone would sign up. You may think you found an opportunity early, but that’s highly unlikely in today’s age where information travels at the speed of light. Look for opportunities that make logical sense and where the compensation is reasonable and fair. Background Check Not Required All legitimate companies will take reasonable steps to protect themselves and ensure applicants are legitimate and trustworthy. If there's no background check or other requirements for validating your identity, then the opportunity really has no idea who you are. Look for opportunities where a background check is required (on their dime; you shouldn’t be paying for this!) Plus, most reputable background checking companies/agencies will do their own validation to ensure the company they're working for is legitimate which keeps you even safer. Requires Investment If they’re asking you for money, then that’s how they make money… by selling you their product, service, information, etc. Any legitimate online company will never ask you for application fees or other funds to get started. Look for opportunities where you’re not required to send funds. After all, you’re in this to receive money, right? Everyone Can Do It If it’s a job that everyone can do, and everyone gets accepted, red